How Your Art is Protected

Doodloosh is committed to protecting the integrity of your digital art. We've implemented stringent anti-theft measures to ensure that your creations remain safe and authentic on our platform.

Disabling Right-Clicking: On Doodloosh, right-clicking to save images is strictly prohibited. This means that users cannot easily copy your artwork by right-clicking on images. By taking away this option, we deter potential image theft, preserving the exclusivity of your creations.

Watermark Protection: Additionally, we have incorporated watermark protection on all uploaded images. This serves as a secondary layer of defense. Even if someone manages to circumvent the right-click restriction, the images they save will be adorned with prominent watermarks. This ensures that any downloaded artwork remains distinctively marked with your ownership, acting as a deterrent against unauthorized use.

Code Inspector Restrictions: Furthermore, Doodloosh's website structure is designed in a way that prevents individuals from inspecting the underlying code. This is another security measure we've put in place to safeguard your art files. By preventing unauthorized access to the code inspector, we maintain the exclusivity of your creations and protect them from potential theft.

These anti-theft measures not only secure your art but also enhance your online presence. By protecting your work from theft, we can guarantee that your products remain unique and original. This, in turn, helps boost your visibility on search engines, driving more leads and potential sales. At Doodloosh, we prioritize the authenticity and protection of young artists' creative work.