How to List Your Digital Art on Auction

Finding the Auction Feature

To find the auction feature, first:

  • Scroll onto 'Products'.
  • Click on 'Product Listing'.
  • You'll be directed to the product listing page where all of your digital art will show up.

Creating an Auction

On the product listing page:

  • Click on the three dots (...).
  • Then click on 'Create Auction'.
  • You will not be able to create an auction if you don't have a product to begin with.
  • To learn how to upload a product, click here.

Auctions List On a Product

You'll be taken to the auctions listing for your product.

  • This is where you can see the auction details on your product, including your start & end time, reserve price, status, and action.
  • Since there are no auctions running on your product yet, the fields are empty.

To add an auction on your product:

  • Click on '+ Add Auction'.

Auction Details

On this page you're able to edit your auction details, including start & end date, your prices, and your contest format.

  • First choose the date and time that you want to start your auction on.
  • Then choose the date and time that you want your auction to end on.
  • Your end date must be at least 24 hours after the start date.


Now it's time for you to add the pricing for your auction product.

  • Base price is the price where the bidding will start.
  • Reserve price is the target price that you want to reach for your product.
  • Your product can exceed your reserve price if it does really well in the auction.

Bidding Increments

Bidding Increment refers to the gap between each bidding amount.

  • For example, if you set the increment gap to '2', then bidders can only bid by 2's (i.e if the base price is $5, then the first bid is $7, then $9, $11, $13, etc).
  • The 'from' field must start with 0.
  • The 'to' field can be whichever number you want, it can exceed your reserve price.

Your Auction Product on Doodloosh

Once you've successfully added the auction feature on your product, your digital art will be updated on the main site.

Now that you've mastered the art of listing your creations on our auctions, the possibilities are endless. Watch your digital art come to life as bidders compete to make it theirs!

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