About Us

It's Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to Doodloosh, where creativity knows no bounds! We're not just a digital art marketplace; we're a world of imagination, founded in October 2023 as the very first of its kind.

Our Mission

At Doodloosh, we've embarked on a groundbreaking journey. We believe that every child is born with the gift of creativity, waiting for the right canvas to express themselves. Our mission is to provide that canvas—a digital wonderland that's not only safe but also revolutionary.

A Creative Haven for Kids

Doodloosh is where kids become artists, where imagination takes flight, and where young creators can showcase their talents to the world. Our platform is dedicated to fostering a love for art, exploration, and self-expression in a way that's both educational and entertaining.

Trail Blazing the Way

Doodloosh isn't just another marketplace; it's a movement, a revolution in the making. Here, young artists are not just encouraged; they're celebrated as pioneers of their craft. What sets us apart?

🌟 World's First: Doodloosh proudly holds the title of being the world's very first kids' digital art multivendor marketplace. We've broken barriers to create a space where children can explore, learn, and share their artistic talents like never before.

🎨 Artistry Unleashed: Doodloosh empowers kids to take charge of their creativity. They can choose to sell their art outright to art enthusiasts or list their creations through exciting auctions, discovering the true value of their talent.

🌐 Global Canvas: We connect young artists from around the globe, fostering a diverse and inclusive community where art transcends borders and languages.

🔐 Safety and Guidance: Our platform is built with a steadfast commitment to safety. Parents can rest easy, knowing that their child's online experience is secure and supported.

Join the Doodloosh Family!

Whether you're a young artist looking to share your masterpieces, a parent eager to support your child's artistic journey, or an art lover seeking inspiration, Doodloosh is your online home. We invite you to explore, create, and connect with us. Together, we'll paint a brighter, more colorful future, one masterpiece at a time!

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