Doodloosh Unveils New Creative Icons – Express Yourself!

Doodloosh Unveils New Creative Icons – Express Yourself!

Bernard Malual

Wazzup Doodloosh fam! Welcome to our ever-evolving digital art universe! In just two short months, our vibrant community of young artists has flourished, and we're thrilled to share the latest additions that truly capture the essence of creativity and individuality.

New Icons

1. Default Profile Picture – The Shy Pencil: Meet our new default profile picture! A shy pencil, delicately holding up a paper covering its mouth. This adorable icon represents the shyness of our users who haven't yet uploaded their own artsy profile pictures. It's a playful nudge, encouraging everyone to step into the spotlight and showcase their unique artistic selves.

2. Default Shop Logo – Creative Outpost: Introducing 'Creative Outpost,' the new default shop logo. A charming storefront that highlights the idea that kids can be just as creative and entrepreneurial as adults. Each shop on Doodloosh is a unique outpost of creativity, waiting to be explored.

3. Default Store Banner – Reach for the Stars: Our default store banner captures the essence of dreaming big. A breathtaking night sky filled with stars, reminding our young artists to shoot for the stars in their artistic endeavors. It symbolizes the limitless possibilities and creativity that await each one of them.

Update Your Profile – Be Unique!

If you're currently using our default icons, it's time to express yourself! Stand out in the Doodloosh galaxy by uploading a profile picture, creating a unique shop logo, and setting a personalized store banner. Embrace the diversity of styles and let your creativity shine! Remember not to use any real photos of yourself so that you don't violate our terms & conditions and COPPA policies!

How to Update Your Profile

If you want to update your profile picture but don't know how, head over to the Doodloosh Artist Dashboard, click on 'Profile' and then click on 'My Account.' There you will be able to change your profile picture. If you need any further help, check out this help center article which includes steps on how to update your profile! 

As Doodloosh continues to evolve, so does our commitment to fostering a community where every young artist feels empowered to express themselves. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to the countless masterpieces yet to be created on our canvas of imagination!

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